Think Before You Fat

Take Time to Think

This is not a pipe dream. This is not unreasonable.

This is a movement.

This is the place to discuss what the media’s preoccupation with weight does to us as a society.

And this is a place to put an end to it.

Words like fat are bandied about on family-friendly shows to describe celebrities who do not conform to the Hollywood and runway standards of body shape. Our children are being raised on a steady diet of media bullying about weight. And we believe that it is possible and necessary for it to stop.

Think before you fat.

Think about the media's inability to be kind.

Before critical statements fall on young ears.

You have a chance to do something positive.

Fat is not a word to use on Oscar night or in any published work following the event.

Think before you act. Think before you fat.

What can you do?

Share your story. How has media bullying affected you? What memories do you have around the culture of body bashing? You can send your story in words, or send us a link to a video or photo. We want to collect and share as many stories as we can.

Take the pledge. We are calling for a ban on media that call people fat and its synonyms on and following Oscar night 2014. Take our pledge that you will not watch shows, buy magazines or view webpages that criticize people based on their weight. If you are a member of the media, pledge to not participate in weight bullying.

Support positive media. We are compiling a list of members of the media who have taken our pledge to “think before you fat.” Choose one of these media shows and outlets to watch on and following Oscar night. Show them that you support their dedication to stop weight bullying.

Questions? Feel free to contact us or to read more about the scientific studies that have been done on how media bullying affects viewers.

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